Water Project as of August 2016

September 06, 2017

After getting all the government permits, the water project began 20′ from the shore line of Lake Victoria.  A 18′ deep pit was dug that has a 3′ concrete culvert pipe to gather water via a pipe out into the lake. A submersible well pump pushes the water out of the brick pump house and upwards about 200′ to the school yard area. Here some of the lake water is pushed to a large holding tank at the top of the school. This water is mainly used to flush toilets, wash clothes, and water the landscaping.

The line from the lake (still 2′ underground) continues to the new water tower area by the soccer field. At this point some water will pass thru a sand filter in preparation to enter the purification pod. Plans are for several pods to be installed in October 2016.

The water tower will hold clean drinking water for the students, staff, and even the community surrounding Point Of Grace Academy. For convenience a clean water line was installed back to the school while the lake water line was originally installed. Still some water continues for another 3/4 mile to the farm. Next to the chicken coop a short tower was installed to water the animals and irrigation. Down the terraced hill the buried pipes feed about 16 irrigation risers that nourish vegetables to feed the children.

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Food Canning Jars & Equipment

September 18, 2018

Rachel, a 1st Grader from St. Louis, raised $129 from her lemonade stand sales! When asked what she learned as a result of doing this service project, Rachel wrote: "I learned that some kids in Kenya don’t have enough food to eat in the dry season."

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Dr. Moe Mukiibi

January 23, 2018

On January 3rd Dr. Moe Mukiibi from Stone-House Water Technologies was at our property to install a part of our water filtration system. Dr. Moe originally from Uganda, now lives in the U.S.

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