Electrical Room Fire - Total Loss

April 20, 2020

We are saddened to report a recent fire at Point of Grace destroyed the electrical power room housing electrical components, the back-up generator and water pump. It wouldn’t have been prudent to make a public announcement until Kenya Power had a chance to investigate the accidental fire that took place March 5, 2020 around lunchtime. Early estimates of the damage exceed $17,500.00 to replace the electrical equipment and melted wiring inside some walls, all of which needs to be replaced using the new and stricter building and electrical codes.
Looking closely at the photos you can see the expressions on our children's faces as the black smoke rose above the east end of the dining hall. The sobering looks of sadness, loss, disappointment, fear and uncertainty are something these kids don’t need. The girls quickly carried out all the tables and benches from the dining hall area.

The boys formed a chain and removed all mattresses and foot lockers from the second floor. Remember, all their belongings in life are in those lockers plus this is only the 4th year they’ve experienced the luxury of having lunch tables.
Currently temporary power lines are keeping security lights on in the the dining hall, boys dorm, plus keeping the well pump operational. The three phase portion mill that normally produces corn flower is out of service. We’ve made arrangements to purchase a small parcel of land to build a new small brick powerhouse that complies with Kenya’s building codes. With the Lord’s help and your prayers and petitions material things can be replaced.
Please consider helping us by making a special donation today. You may donate in two ways:

By check and US mail, send your Fire Recovery Gift to: 4kenyaskids, PO Box 643, New Haven, In. 46774
By credit card and website, please click here and follow the instructions.

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