Food Canning Jars & Equipment

September 18, 2018

Rachel, a 1st Grader from St. Louis, raised $129 from her lemonade stand sales! When asked what she learned as a result of doing this service project, Rachel wrote:
"I learned that some kids in Kenya don’t have enough food to eat in the dry season. Some kids do not have a mom and dad and live at school. It makes me feel sad they don’t have parents. I’m glad I was able to help them with the money from my lemonade stand. I think the pastor in Kenya is very generous and smart to help the kids.” Click here to read more about the canning project and how to fill the Orphan Grain Train!

Also in Project Updates

How does a container from the U.S.A. arrive once it gets to Kisumu, Kenya?

May 20, 2019

What does it take to get a container of supplies up to the mountain top?

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Dr. Moe Mukiibi

January 23, 2018

On January 3rd Dr. Moe Mukiibi from Stone-House Water Technologies was at our property to install a part of our water filtration system. Dr. Moe originally from Uganda, now lives in the U.S.

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Building Sustainability; Greenhouse Project

September 09, 2017

Thanks to the members of Our Shepherd Lutheran Church for sending money to build three greenhouses. The Agriculture class at Point of Grace will be helping and learning under the guideance of teachers and our farm manager.

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