Connecting with Your Sponsored Child

January 23, 2018

A note from Cheryl...

One of the things I love most about being at Point of Grace is to talk to and be with the children. Many of the students ask about their sponsors: Do I have a photo of them? What do they do? How many children do they have? They are very interested in knowing whoever is sponsoring them.  

It was interesting when David was talking to me about his sponsor — from letters he had received in the past, he knew exactly what his sponsor did, how many children and grandchildren he had, that his wife had died, and then David asked if it would be ok to send his condolences to his sponsor.

The letters and correspondence are “family” to many of the children. Thank you for being sponsors and for sharing your time with the children in those letters.

When you are wondering what to get or send to your child in addition to cards or letters, please consider donating a little extra to help with their school supplies and shoes in honor of their birthday or a special holiday like Christmas or Easter. Please make sure anything you send is letter or card size – no packages. And send a month ahead if it’s for a special date. Collected packets of letters are sent monthly to the school for distribution to the students.

Cards and letters can be sent to: “4KenyasKids, P O Box 643, New Haven, IN 46774”. Do not include cash and for your safety. only use your name and no addresses. It is also smart to reference your child’s student ID number.

While the children write letters to their sponsors, they are only brought back to the U.S. with Pastor Dennis and Mama Lorna when they make a return trip, or if a mission team visits and can bring them along back. The postage from Kenya is an expense that we don’t have the money to spend on. So please be patient.

While Jim and I are here at Point of Grace January-March of 2018, new photos of sponsored children will be taken and will be sent to you after we return in March.

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