Bethel Church Mission Trip

December 30, 2016

We are so thankful for the visit and work of Bethel Church at the end of 2016. They built tables and benches for our new dining hall. Recently, we enjoyed a dinner using the new table and benches and for the first time everybody had a seat. After dinner we moved the benches into the dining hall and used them as pews for our Sunday Church Service. What a joy!!!  Thank you Bethel for your continued support and service to everyone at Point of Grace. Bethel Church, Canada

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Medical Mission Teams Essential!

July 20, 2023

Read about Mercer University students traveling to Kenya to help at Point of Grace (4KenyasKids).

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Emanuel Lutheran Church Sends Sixth Mission Team

December 16, 2021

Grateful for Mission Teams that serve and work on a variety of projects in Kenya!

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St. Peters Fort Wayne designates 4KenyasKids

July 16, 2019

Along with the VBS mission offering, St. Peters 
collected 49 tubes of triple antibiotic ointments, 4185 bandaids and 3200 vitamins!

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