New Student Winnie

March 14, 2017

Winnie is a 10 year old orphan who has been HIV positive since birth. She is the child of her mother’s second husband and torn between two families. She was sent to live with her very poor grandmother who has three other grandchildren to care for.

When Winnie was brought to her grandmother’s, she was malnourished and had not been given any sort of HIV drugs. Her grandmother searched until she found a hospital far away that would help them at no charge and Winnie began receiving HIV drugs. Winnie’s health began to improve, except for the side effects caused by this horrible disease.

Winnie previously attended Ogal Primary, but could no longer attend because there were no funds to pay for her schooling. She was found sitting on the side of the road crying because she could no longer go to school and asked if Mama Lorna could help her come to Point of Grace. When Mama Lorna met with Winnie’s grandmother, the grandmother had no idea Winnie had walked to Point of Grace to ask for help.

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