Back to School - On To University

September 10, 2019

Once again I see the advantages we have in the US - if we want to further our education there are many possibilities for securing funds for tuition.  Whether that is tuition assistance, loans or being able to find a job that pays enough to save money for education, options are available to us.   

At Point of Grace (POG) in Kisumu Kenya, the students are applying to university, technical schools and college. They are being accepted — but 4KenyasKids doesn’t have the funds to pay for their educations.  It has always been easier to obtain sponsors for younger children, and many of our students have been in the program for years without a sponsor.  There are no other options available to help fund their higher level education — no loans to obtain, and tuition assistance is non-existent or minimal.  So……they wait until there is money available through 4KenyasKids to pay their fees.  

Our students are smart and they are willing to work hard. They just want and so desperately need a chance. We currently have approximately 50 students who have been accepted into further education; some want to become teachers, nurses, lawyers, engineers and even few who want to attend seminary.  

Please consider helping to further the education of a student from POG with their college education.  Your assistance could help students change their lives for the future and in turn, help to change the lives of others around them.  

Any amount can make a differenceclick here to donate to the General Support Donation today.

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