Meet Vanessa Chambers - Point of Grace Medical Care

July 16, 2019

Meet Vanessa Chambers - See how Vanessa has spent
her summer at Point of Grace to help 4KK provide medical care:

My name is Vanessa Chambers, I am a Licensed Practical Nurse from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My first thought when I became a nurse was that I wanted to use the gifts that God has blessed me with and “nurse” internationally!  When Pastor Dennis and Lorna Meeker spoke at our church two years ago, it was God’s way of telling my husband Kevin and I that now is the time. 

Since arriving at Point of Grace, I have set up a medical clinic to serve the students and staff, made educational posters about sexual health, the importance of hydration and hand washing, implemented hand washing protocol and provided the washrooms with soap, and organized teaching sessions for the high school students about their hygiene, sexual health, and how to prevent all sorts of illness. From day one I have been making what used to be a mud house into a fully functioning clinic through funds fundraised by friends, family, church and my husband’s school back in Canada. The main tasks have been purchasing the necessary medications each month (mostly anti-malaria pills/malaria kits) and creating protocols and checklists in order to pass a future government health inspection. This has been a challenge as I average 20 patients a day all fighting serious illness. We go through medication very quickly here!

This experience has been extremely eye opening and has certainly made me more grateful for the free health care system back home in Canada. I’ve seen how God has continuously provided through amazing people who sponsor Point of Grace and just how far everything has come. My favourite part has been working with the kids who find happiness in everything despite the numerous challenges.

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Meet my husband, Kevin Chambers - click here and read how he has spent his time at Point of Grace focusing on education. 

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