Mercy Medical Mission Team

January 25, 2017

Mercy Medical Mission Team arrived on January 18 with a team of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and non-medical volunteers. Although the team arrived a day late because of flight troubles, they still successfully completed three days of clinic 
— seeing 1,123 patients and filling 2,857 prescriptions!
This group filled an immense need in the community near Point of Grace Academy. Recently, government employed doctors went on strike, refusing to work until they receive higher wages. Because of the lack of working doctors, it was especially important that these sick patients were seen. Some patients walked over 10 miles to receive the care and medications that they needed. In addition, the team also served the children at Point of Grace by handing out new toys, playing together, and providing a special meal. The team plans to return to Kenya and Point of Grace Academy for another medical clinic in September of 2017.  Mercy Medical Mission Team, Atlanta, GA

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